Welcome to the Wiki

This is the root page of the Amherst MakerSpace wiki. The idea of the wiki is to provide a multi-purpose content platform for members of the makerspace. Some containers have been created for housing certain types of things...

  • Equipment - A place for equipment manuals and instructions
  • How-To - A place for how-to guides (examples might include 3-D model editing, image conversion, or techniques for professional-looking wood working)
  • Projects A place for Maker projects (Are you building something awesome? Want to show it off? Here's a great place to do it!)
  • ...

All makerspace members are invited to contribute to the wiki if you'd like to. To get your login details sorted out, please e-mail Jay at "jay barrett one two zero five AT gmail DOT com" (convert the written numbers to actual numbers and concatenate all numbers and words on the left of the AT together).

To edit articles (pages) on the wiki you'll need to understand a little bit about Markdown syntax. It's a very simple text-based syntax that use punctuation marks to add "style" to the article. You don't need to understand HTML to add content to the wiki, but adding HTML is OK too (though some HTML will be sanitized automatically - things like <script> tags are not allowed). To get a feel for Markdown, check out this link to django-wiki syntax.