Amherst MakerSpace is a community makerspace (a.k.a. hackerspace) where curious-minded makers can create and build. There's no limit to what makers can dream up and build and our Space is the perfect place to facilitate your ideas. Anyone can be a maker, even if you've never built anything in your life - there are plenty of people that can teach you or point you to the resources you need. We offer classes and workshops as well on topics ranging from welding to woodworking to electronics to homemade jewelry - just keep and eye on our events page.

Our Space

We share our Space (and much of our equipment) with Amherst Middle School - members have access to pretty much all the space and resources in the STEAM wing of the middle school.  The Space is split into "clean" (classroom) and "dirty" (workshop) sections and includes open workspace, computer labs, art rooms, and a culinary arts area.  For more information on the Space check out our About page.




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